Pioneer Salary Account

Target:     Class A and B1 members

Pre-requisites to open the account:-

  • Copy of National ID or passport
  • Copy of latest payslip or appointment letter
  • TNT membership as class “A” or “B1”
  • Members colour photo taken at Sacco office or brought by a member.
  • 2 copies of dully filled Pay point form as provided by his/her employer (i.e. TSC, County Governments, Ministry of Interior Coordination etc.)
  • Attach two copies of ID Cards, two copies of latest payslip, two copies of bank card
  • All copies to be certified by head teacher or county director for TSC employees. For others to be certified by their supervisors or head of department.


  • Entrance fee – kshs.200/=
  • Minimum balance – kshs.1,000/=
  • Salary processing – kshs.150/= per month
  • A member can access his/her account through Sacco Link ATM card or Mobile Banking
  • Withdrawal fee (over the counter) – kshs.150/= for amount between kshs.50/= Kshs.49.999/=
  • Withdrawal fee (over the counter) – kshs.200/= for amount above kshs.50,000/=
  • Premature withdrawal fee before expiry of 7 days for amount between kshs.50/+ – kshs.49, 999/= an additional fee of kshs.50/= is charged.
  • Withdrawals through ATM and mobile money as indicated on ATM and Mobile Banking Tariffs